why cashmere and silk?

Early fall of 2011, I started two new hobbies, pinning and knitting. It all began when my boyfriend and I went on a weekend getaway to Williamsburg, VA. We stayed at a colonial style Bed and Breakfast on a cow farm. It was our first time vacationing this way and it was quite lovely. We hit up all of the obvious historical attractions and browsed some local boutiques. Among these boutiques was a yarn shop called Knitting Sisters. It was a good thing I had my iPad with me. It came in handy when my boyfriend who was patiently waiting for me, became bored to death, as I obsessively explored the yarn for two hours. It was then, that I realized I had just discovered a new love.

As for pinning, a client of mine suggested I join the website pinterest. It became the perfect website in order to create look books to enhance my consultations at work. I am a hairstylist so although, I mainly stick to creating different hair pinboards, I couldn’t help but create some others as well. Pinterest not only keeps me organized but in ways it exposes my identity and it has helped me discover some awesome blogs. It was actually bloggers that I found on pinterest that gave me the inspiration to start my very own, and now Cashmere and Silk exists.


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