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Another Cowl

I hope you enjoyed my previous posts on Frida Kahlo, and found some sort of inspiration, whether it was fashion inspiration, or artistic. But its time to get back to talking about knitting, and another cowl. 

Back in the fall, when I first started knitting, my first cowl I attempted to knit, was the Laser cowl, and it was then that I fell in love, with the ever so popular cowl trend. The Laser pattern, that I posted in previous posts, was a super simple pattern combo of knit and purl. It knit up fast and really showed off the beauty of the yarn, plus was accessorized with an amazing button, of your choice.

After, I completed the Laser cowl, I began to research cowls, to see what other types were out there, and I came across the, Cashmere Cowl, by Purlbee.

My cowl is a variation of the beautiful Pashmina Cowl from Joelle’s Last Minute Knitted Gifts. She used a smaller needle to knit Joseph Galler’s luxurious pashmina yarn in stockinette stitch.  — Isabelle

As you can see from the above quote, this cowl pattern found on their website is a variation of the one found in their book, Last Minute Knitted Gifts, which I later bought.

This cowl, not as chunky as the Laser, but is much more dainty and classic. I like this cowl, because it is again very simple, just a knitted tube! But when hand knitted with a luxurious yarn, such as Cashmere, it becomes a soft and warm, casual but graceful draping piece that can be worn daily. 

So try to knit this piece, and you too, will have a new hand knitted cowl in only a couple days, just like mine. 

I could not find a pure Cashmere yarn at my local yarn shop. So I used this silk and wool blend. It turned out really nice. I love the feel of silk blends and the shine silk adds to the yarn. 

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My version of Laser, made with the yarn the pattern called for, Malabrigo Rasta. This is the same pattern design as my previous purple one in the previous blog post, however it is made from 100% merino wool compared to the 100% baby alpaca. As you can see, the purple baby alpaca one, is much more drapping and can be worn along the shoulders. As for this one, made from the merino wool, it is still soft, but has more structure to it, and is worn around the neck.

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Laser by Ashley N Aguilar

This pattern is by far one of my favorites of the season. It creates a very cool, chunky, texture, that really shows off the yarn’s, color and quality. I also love the button accessory… there are some fabulous buttons out there.  But ultimately this pattern proves that a simple combination of knit and purl stitches can make a very wearable and stylish piece. When wearing this piece, people were shocked it was handmade and not store bought, and it only took about three hours to knit. 

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Winter Running

After a couple of days of being cooped up inside, and once the streets have been plowed, I bundle up and go on a nice long run, through the snowy city. It is one of my favorite types of runs. The air, clean, and refreshing, the sunshine reflecting off of the snow, makes everything brighter. 

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Winter Wonderland

Nothing is better, during the Winter, than heading to the slopes on a weekend getaways, snowboarding down fresh new snow, and then ending the day by relaxing in an outdoor hot tub. Or being snowed in, sitting by a fire and snugging with your significant other, under a warm hand-knitted blanket. As you can see, the cold Winter can be quite lovely.

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book review

Early last fall, after visiting Williamsburg’s local yarn shop, Knitting Sisters, where I had purchased a couple of skeins of a beautiful hand dyed alpaca yarn, I started getting very interested and curious about knitting and the yarn industry. At this point, I was a very novice knitter, the only thing I knew about knitting was how to cast on my stitches, knit and purl, and binding off. Because my new yarn was expensive, soft, high quality yarn, I didn’t want to waste it on a simple knit stitch. It was special and it deserved something more. Not knowing the ultimate source for knitting, I just headed to Barnes & Noble, to simply flip through knitting magazines, in hope to find something trendy. 

Although, I purchased a couple magazines, I didn’t find anything that really stuck with me, so I continued my research online. It was there, that I discovered the trend for the fall, the cowl. The Cashmere Cowl by Joelle Hoverson, although simple, ended up being one of my favorites. I soon became obsessed with her website, Purlbee.com, and her book, Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.


Why I love this book? It is a great source for knowledge. I’m not talking about a step by step on how to cast on your stitches, but instead she explores color, defines natural fibers, and talks about different tools. This knowledge isn’t just a necessity for all knitters, but also for all artists. As for the patterns, you will not find your grandma’s sweater in here. Everything about this book is current, trendy, and chic. She finds inspiration from the streets of New York City. 

“I worried that quick projects would limit my creativity, that they weren’t quite real. I’d always felt that knitting should be about the process, not about cranking out finished pieces in a short time. But as it turned out, this book has been a revelation for me.”

This quote by the author is beyond true, and sums up how I feel about the book. Yes, knitting should be a process. The hard work and time, put into a piece makes it that much more satisfying when it is completed. However, a quickly created project is ideal for the novice knitter, who is so excited, and more than anything,  just wants to wear a finished piece, she handmade. 

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