Frida is so much more than just an Artist from Mexico. In this photo spread, I am hoping to reveal her as a fashion icon. Check out her amazing hair. 

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Laser Cowl with Malabrigo yarn, super chunky, Rasta. 

My version of Laser, made with the yarn the pattern called for, Malabrigo Rasta. This is the same pattern design as my previous purple one in the previous blog post, however it is made from 100% merino wool compared to the 100% baby alpaca. As you can see, the purple baby alpaca one, is much more drapping and can be worn along the shoulders. As for this one, made from the merino wool, it is still soft, but has more structure to it, and is worn around the neck.

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This is one of my cowls I knitted using the Laser pattern. The cowl is knit with Merino Wool, but in this version I used a chunky alpaca yarn, that I found in the yarn shop, Knitting Sisters when I was in Williamsburg,VA . Alpaca is very soft and warm, because of it’s softness it drapes. 

Laser by Ashley N Aguilar

This pattern is by far one of my favorites of the season. It creates a very cool, chunky, texture, that really shows off the yarn’s, color and quality. I also love the button accessory… there are some fabulous buttons out there.  But ultimately this pattern proves that a simple combination of knit and purl stitches can make a very wearable and stylish piece. When wearing this piece, people were shocked it was handmade and not store bought, and it only took about three hours to knit. 

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Chunky Yarns. 

WhiteOut of 2010